Top 4 Best Electric Golf Trolley Reviews 2020

Electric Golf Trolleys are a must for all the Golf lovers these days. With the people becoming more gadget loving, these have become all the more popular. You can now concentrate on your game while the trolley carries all the necessary equipment.You can choose to opt for a three – wheel push cart or the more advanced electric trolleys or the remote controlled trolleys that beat all the previous ways of Golf equipment carriage through the 18 – hole course.

What is an Electric Golf Trolley?

An electric Golf Trolley is a battery-powered cart used to carry the complete Golf equipment including the accessories across the fairways. These thus perform the role of a caddy and help the golfers to carry their equipment easily and comfortably without putting in any effort. Unlike a normal cart which requires a forward push, these can be timed to move themselves matching your pace.

List of Best Electric Golf Trolleys:-

Electric Golf Trolley ModelKey FeaturePrice
1. Clicgear Model 3.5 Foldable for easy Transport and StorageCheck Price
2. CaddyTek One-Click Version 3Compact size + One-Click button FoldingCheck Price
3. Cart Tek GRX-1200RBest selling remote control powered Golf CaddyCheck Price
4. Bat-Caddy X3RMade of aluminum, stainless steel and polymer componentsCheck Price

Top five reasons why you must buy an electric golf trolley

An Electric Golf trolley helps you to carry heavy Golf equipment with ease. This helps you to prevent sore shoulders in case of lugging those heavy bags on your shoulders. This, in turn, might affect your game of Golf. Here we list top five reasons why buying an electric Golf trolley is helpful.

  • Suitable for all kinds of terrains: These trolleys are suitable for all kind of surfaces. Be it the plane grassy surface or the hilly terrain, these can be easily maneuvered absolutely over any kind of terrain. Moreover, these come withpowerful batteries with ample power backup so that you are not left stuck on the course.
  • Great control: Good electric Golf trollies do not tip even when moving on an inclined plane. They have great braking capabilities and don’t even pull you when you have placed a hand on them for support. Moreover, the remote – controlled ones let you adjust the exact moving and turning speed so that you can set them to match your pace.
  • A complete storage unit: These come with great storage for all kinds of Golf related equipment along with your personal items such as smartphones, cups, bottles, umbrellas etc. So you do not have to bother to overstuff your pockets to carry all those extra things with you.
  • Can be folded for easy storage in car boots: These are very simple to fold and can be easily stowed away in a car boot. Moreover, some of them come with removable wheels and detachable bags, so that you can store them in the least possible space with great ease. The fold and unfold mechanism is quite smooth and hassle – free which provides you with a great experience using those.
  • Enjoy walking without aches and pains: Be it any kind of Golfer, young or old, the Golf bags are quite heavy to lug all through the 18 – hole course. Hence these electric Golf trolleys enable you to walk easily. All the more, you do not even require to push them forward. These can be easily programmed to move on their own.

Factors to consider before buying an Electric Golf Trolley

  • Weight: Ensure to check the type of material and the battery used. While the material should be light – weight, the battery should be powerful enough to at least able to once traverse the Golf course to and fro. Importantly, look for trolleys that are easy to be operated in the absence of a battery charge, so that you can move them independently in any situation.
  • Speed: The speed should be adjustable. This is especially true if you are going to use it for hilly Golf courses. Some of the trolleys come with only one – speed setting, whereas many others provide you completely programmable speed options.
  • Convenience: The wheels must be removable so that the trolley can nicely fit your car trunk or club lockers. At the same time, the trolley should be folded into a compact unit.
  • Maintenance: It should be easy to clean and maintain. So that your trolley doesn’t adopt an old tired look just after a couple of uses. Look for material that doesn’t accumulate dust particles so that it doesn’t require that frequent cleaning.
  • Assembly: It should be easy to assemble the trolley. Also, at the same time, it should be easy to remove and change the battery.

Top 4 Electric Golf Trolley Reviews 2020

1. Clicgear Model 3.5 Review:

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Check Price

This is a three – wheel Golf push cart. It is foldable for easy transport and storage. It is a simple yet sturdy cart.It weighs about 18 pounds and its folded dimensions are 13″ x 15″ x 24″. It comes with a one year Clicgear warranty.

Its key features are:

  • It is made from aluminum tubing that is scratch resistant.
  • It comes with an enhanced dura – comfort grip handle.
  • The brake system of the cart is upgraded and it now comes with an improved push – button front wheel lock.
  • The main hinge lever is quite ergonomic in style.
  • The tires of the cart are airless and hence almost maintenance free. Moreover, they are quite solid.
  • It comes with a front wheel alignment adjustable system.
  • The mesh storage bag provided is about 50% larger than the most carts and hence comes with more storage space.
  • A removable cup holder of a large size is provided. Therefore, it can easily store oversized cups and bottles.
  • It comes with quite a strong and large umbrella bracket.
  • The bag straps are recently upgraded to make them easy to grab.
  • The bag brackets are quite adjustable. Hence it comes with quite an adjustable storage to store more or fewer items.
  • It can be used the best with a golf cart style bag.

Video Review:-

2. CaddyTek One-Click Version 3 Review:

CaddyTek One-Click Folding golf trolley review

Check Price

This is a four – wheel Golf push cart. It comes with a weight of about 17 pounds. It can be folded to quite a compact size.

Its key features are:

  • It comes with a patented One-Click button that allows you to fold the cart to quite a compact size of 17″ x 13.8″x 25.8″.
  • The cart has a very strong aluminum frame which is quite sturdy and weighs quite less at the same time.
  • This CaddyTek Golf cart comes with a patented foot brake that requires pressing to brake it and pressing again to release the brake.
  • The wheel size is quite comfortable with the two rear wheels that come in size 11.5″ x 2.6″ and the two front wheels of size 10.5″x2.4″. These EVA maintenance-free wheels provide great balance and traction on any kind of surface and make the cart very easy to maneuver.
  • It comes with a patented basket that has a built – in cooler.
  • It comes with a mesh net on the handle
  • There is an umbrella holder that is provided along with an additional storage rack.


3. Cart Tek GRX-1200R Review

Remote Control Power Caddie in Silver golf trolley

Check Price

This is one of the best – selling remote control powered Golf caddy from Cart Tek. It weighs a total of 54 pounds including the battery. Its folded dimensions are 26 ” W x 28″ L x 9 1/2″ H. Instead of an aluminum frame, it comes with a lightweight tubular steel frame for strength and is one of the most stable remote control Golf caddy available in the market.

Its key features are:

  • It is a remote control operated cart and is hence fully programmable.
  • It comes with four inbuilt speed settings or you can program it to use your own speed setting.
  • You can also adjust the turning force and the electronic tracking of this trolley.
  • It comes with dual high torque motors with a power of 180 watts
  • The cart can be quite easily maneuvered because of the ring and pinion gearbox.
  • It comes with a 12 Volt, 36 Ah SLA Battery and a battery charger along with a toolkit.
  • It can also be used in wet conditions as it comes with waterproof ECU housing
  • It comes in two colour choices either Gloss black or traditional silver. These are powder coated over the steel frame.
  • It comes with a complimentary scorecard, a ball holder, a cup holder and an umbrella holder.
  • It comes with a climbing capacity of 30 degrees and a load capacity of 65 pounds.
  • Because of the remote control feature, it comes with a great inclined surface control.


4. Bat-Caddy X3R Review

Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy review

Check Price

The X3R is the bestselling remote caddy from Bat – Caddy and is also their flagship caddy. It was launched quite some time back and now the improved and the latest 7th model is available for purchase. It has a frame that is made using aluminum, stainless steel and polymer components.

Its key features are:

  • It comes with quite a user – friendly and easy setup design.
  • There are two powerful independently controlled motors provided that comes with a power of 200W. They are practically noiseless and quite fast.
  • The remote control feature has quite a wide range remote control which gives you full control up to 90-120 yards.
  • The battery provided is powerful and long-lasting.
  • In case the battery you forget to charge the battery completely, the trolley can be easily maneuvered manually and pushed with ease, so that for any reason you do not get stuck on the Golf Course.
  • It comes with a high Tech Aluminum Alloy S-Frame and Stainless Steel Components. These enable to make it light weight, durable as well as one of the best looking electric golf trolleys in the Industry.
  • The frame lock made out of reinforced stainless steel. Even the gear boxes, axles, wheel cores etc. are all made of tough steel components.

As much as the game of Golf as evolved, in the similar fashion, the equipment carriage across the Golf field has changed. Earlier, people used to either carry the heavy equipment all by themselves, or used to hire a caddy to do that for them. Then came the push carts that required manual pushing to haul the stuff through the long fields. Thanks to the latest remote controlled electric Golf trolleys, this work has been made pretty simple and easy to accomplish.

These electric Golf trolleys might not be the most inexpensive ones to buy. But the good ones are sturdy and durable. So if you buy it once, you will use it for a long time. Therefore, one should always buy with a lot of research and after extensively checking out the features provided by these.

With the kind of range of these trolleys available in the market, you can choose the one which best suits your purpose. One should try to go for a remote – controlled one in case of playing on a hilly terrain, go for the ones with removable wheels and compact in sizes in case you would like to store these in the club lockers or travel with them on airplanes. If you want to store more equipment, ensure that there is ample space to safely store and secure it.