How to Choose Sports: Golf vs Squash?

Golf and Squash are completely different sports to each other but are equal at one point, that’s the amount of entertainment, although at different pace.


So to make it easier for you, let’s compare these two sports.

Indoor vs Outdoor: Separates These Sports

The first thing that separates both these sports is the, golf is big outdoor game whereas squash is played indoor.

And if you are a fan of outdoor sports then you can blindly choose golf as it is played in big golf green course where you will get a lot of fresh air.

Fitness: Squash Any Day

If you look into fitness section and see golf and squash head to head, then squash sports wins it with ease as it is a fast pace sport which requires a lot of physical ability whereas gold does not need a lot of physical fitness’s.

Although the environment in which golf is played is good most of the times as greenery helps you breathe in fresh air, helping you stay healthy, but if you consider full fitness, then squash is way ahead

Squash does not only needs quick action but stamina is an integral part of the game, so once you adapt well in this sport and start playing it regularly then you feel that your body is getting fitter and you are felling healthier mentally too.

Cheaper Sport: Squash

squash sport
squash sport

If you want a cheaper sport then squash should be your choice, as golf is always considered rich people’s sport, although that statement is not completely justified as many companies these days offering decent budget options like golf stick, trolley, etc., you can afford all the golf equipment, but when you compare the prices of golf sticks and squash racquets, then squash racquets are by far the cheapest.

And it’s not not just about the price, it’s about the quality too, with golf you need to pay some bucks to get quality equipment, but with squash you need limited money to get quality squash racquets, so if money is important for you, squash should be your choice.

If you are new to squash you can learn some tricks from here:-

If you have watched the video, you must have already be playing squash or might be interested in doing so, but in case you are not, then you can opt for golf & you can watch this below given video:-

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